New Products in the Shop from Enkaustikos

Posted by Bethany Handfield on

We have some great new products in the shop from Enkaustikos.

Their fabulous instructional DVD is a great way to begin your encaustic practice. Learn from the experts from Enkaustikos. In this instructional video you will learn why encaustic painting is so enticing to contemporary artists and what makes it different from other mediums. Artist Kathryn Bevier will open your eyes to a variety of techniques that can be accomplished with encaustic paints and mediums.

When working on the a hotplate, keeping your paints in order is key.

Encaustic painting tins are a great way to save and store your paints in an organized and dust free way. You can write on the lid, or use your label maker like I do, to really keep them in order. With the custom tins you can chart and label your custom color mixes or larger amounts of a premade color. I love putting a swatch of color on the white label so I know at a glace exactly where the color I need is.

Have fun & Happy Painting!


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