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Oct 2015 Intro to Encaustic Students

I just spent the last 2 days with the best group of ladies from Kelowna! We had so much fun in the Exploring Encausitc: 2 Day Intro class at the Leir House in Penticton, BC. These gals were no novices. All had prior experience in other mediums, predominantly mixed media, and it really showed how easily skills from other disciplines can cross over to working in encaustic.

Plus my mom joined us for the weekend! It is always fun to have her in the class. (That's mom 2nd from the left)

Red CollageWe started by going back to basics working with the primaries, medium and white encaustic paint. First trying the paint out on paper and then moving over to cradled panel. I love working with the primary colors as you can really see how many combinations can be created using a limited color palette. Working with medium and your paint also shows you just how far a little encaustic paint can be stretched. 

We worked with building up textures, extraction by design, collage and of course mixed media. It was a full two days, filled with laughter and creative exploration. Well done everyone!


Texture Intro to encaustic

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