Making Medium, Custom Waxes & Sponge Sets

Posted by Bethany Handfield on

I am in the studio tonight making some delicious medium!!

I will post the results tomorrow as I brought out some of my favorite shapes to play with.

Custom encaustic wax, encaustic medium & encaustic spongesCustom boxes of wax are flying out of the shop these days. I am so happy that folks are having fun with playing beyond the pre-set boxes and go wild making up their own custom color combinations of 16 blocks per set. Here is a new set that is going out tomorrow.

It is with a little bit of sadness that I have to report that the heat resistance sponges will soon no longer be in the shop. My supplier in the Netherlands is no longer able to source them. I have 8 left as of today and am hoping that they will find another source soon. They are so much fun to use!

Here is a video that Thea made using the heat resistant sponges

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